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We’re¬†a nw seismic retrofit contractor that helps provide you peace of mind. Seismic retrofit is the process of reinforcing house to better withstand earthquakes. Seismic safe does this by anchoring down the sill plate to the foundation (foundation bolting) and reinforcing the cripple wall (if your house has one).

Is Earthquake Retrofit for My Home?

That depends. What are your goals? Are you looking to get earthquake insurance? Are you looking to protect your assets? Check our FAQ page for more such questions. Oregon HazVu has come up with a map showing soil composition by address. Green on the map is good soil composition that is resistant. Red is soil composition that is highly susceptible to earthquake hazards. They’ve just updated it to include landslide risk.

Why Choose Seismic Safe?

We Care¬†about our families. We want to make sure that they‚Äôll live in a safer world. One that prepares and plans for the future. One where they¬†can say “I’m happy we did that” instead of “I can’t believe that happened”. We want to extend that to You so¬†that you have the best possible experience with us!

Seismic Safe Serves the Greater Portland Metro area as a local seismic contractor. We do our best to pass on savings to you by buying materials direct from the manufacturer.

We’re into Continual Improvement. When one gets to be number one in any field, its easy to kick back and relax. That’s not us:¬†We don‚Äôt follow the status quo. We believe in continual growth. This is not limited to the new services that we offer, but also in earthquake retrofit, our specialty. This means expecting the best, and working to get there. We started retrofitting foundations¬†because we want to help. We’ve moved to also bolting down cripple walls and foundation repair. We‚Äôve done this based on input from You, our customers. The Seismic Safe way is about doing the best to server our community, then expanding that help. Learn more about Seismic safe in our About Us section.

Why Earthquake Retrofit?

Proper planning (in the recent Kumamoto earthquake) made it possible for¬†the country to stop its trains and warn hospitals. This, and the engineering of buildings averted many more possible casualties. Here in the nw seismic activity isn’t as prevalent as in Japan. Even though that is true, it takes one unfortunate example. Some western construction systems suggest tying down your home with Simpson FJA’s. It pains us when we see poor work done to our neighbors homes.

Knowing where the fault is

Preparing for the big one is challenging. The reason for this is because, in the case of a ~9.2, we’d see major topographical changes. Landslides where an entire block would move is not out of the question. Most areas might not see this, which is why we believe base isolation to be the best fit for portland. While we don’t pretend to know all of the forces involved in such a catastrophe, we do know the best practices to protect against such.

We use the Pacific Northwest Seismic Network as our go-to guide on earthquake activity. These folks have a wealth of knowledge in detecting and recording knowledge. What’s especially interesting is the visual guide they have on nw seismic activity. We think that they could use a little improvement on how they render their content or a fun facts page,¬†but that’s a smile gripe in an ocean of useful material.

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